Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eleanor is 3!!

Eleanor's birthday is January 3, and her birthday often catches us 'off guard' because it's so close to Christmas (poor kid). In 2014, her birthday fell the day before we packed up a moving truck to move for six months to Tennessee. We had a busy day of birthday celebrating, friends to see, lots of stuff to pack, etc!

First thing: she opened a few presents:

Next up: Who DOES want cake with their breakfast?
Normally I make a cake or cupcakes for the kids, but since we were packing up to move the day after E's birthday, cupcakes from Target were the ticket. I decorated E's cupcake with M&Ms, which are one of her favorites (especially as the reward for potty training!)

Because our day was going to be busy, we opted for breakfast cupcakes, and there were no complaints!

 Quite possibly one of my favorite Eleanor pictures to date:

We had plans for birthday cupcakes, visiting a new baby, playing with friends, and a birthday dinner out. However, Georgia was running a fever on Eleanor's birthday so we did not get to do as much as we planned (or we divided and conquered with one parent staying home with G). The funniest moment came when we asked Eleanor where she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner, knowing that we would be picking up takeout--and Georgia talked Eleanor into choosing Dickey's Barbecue because it was what SHE wanted. The parents didn't complain too much, as we enjoy good barbecue when we can find it.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. You light up our life, you bring us great joy, and you never cease to make us smile. You do a terrific Minion impression, think that we should drop everything for you, and make your baby brother laugh more than anyone. We rejoice in your life, Eleanor Ruth!

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Erin said...

I agree, that picture is absolutely precious! I can't believe she's three already!!!