Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Update: We've Moved! (temporarily)

Greetings friends, if there are still any of you who read this blog.

It has been awhile. Life has been busy and crazy, even more so than normal crazy life with four Finnlings. I have to show you all kinds of wonderful pictures of my kids, of Christmas travels, of fun adventures. I need to tell you funny sayings about the kids, and mark milestones of the littlest one. I will get to that, Lord willing.

But in addition to busy life with four kids, we moved last week. It is a temporary move for six months, but it was still a big move (we packed some furniture, the washer and dryer, a couple of rocking chairs, and loads of books!). We have relocated to Jackson, Tennessee to spend Nathan's sabbatical here. What's a sabbatical, you ask? It is a leave of absence from his teaching load granted for him to work on writing projects. After much thought and prayer, Nathan and I decided that his sabbatical would be most effective if we were able to relocate. That way he could focus completely on his writing and reading and research, and would not be distracted by life at Wake Forest. Jackson, Tennessee, is home to Union University, a stellar Christian liberal arts college where Nathan has many friends. The administration at Union has graciously found office space for Nathan, and is granting him 'faculty privileges', which is a fancy way of saying he gets to use their library :-) They also went out of their way to find housing for us--no small feat considering our family size. To turn a southern phrase, they have blessed our socks off with our housing. It is a ranch style home with three bedrooms, two baths, an open floorplan and a nice sized backyard for the kids. We are blessed beyond measure.

Last week was our settling in week, and this week we have returned to homeschooling (we didn't do any, really, during the month of December). We are learning our way around Jackson, and looking forward to doing more exploring. Jackson is just two hours from Nashville and one hour from Memphis, and we plan several weekend trips to those cities. Mostly this time away from Wake Forest is a time to study and write (for Nathan), to focus in on homeschooling and exploring TN (me and the kids), and for us to grow in our knowledge of God and dependence upon him as a family. It is quite an adventure, and we look forward to seeing what God has in store!

And lest you worry, we are only relocating for six months!! That is all the time away Nathan has been granted and that we want. We miss Wake Forest, our house, our friends, SEBTS, and our church something fierce. We cannot wait to return. Thanks for following us on this crazy life.

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Erin said...

I hope you all have a wonderful, refreshing, rewarding time in Tennessee!