Monday, January 27, 2014

New Style (aka The Post Where I Look Like Clark Kent)

I like my hair short, but back in the fall I let it grow out longer than I had been wearing it. Then I heard that a local upscale salon in Raleigh was looking for volunteers to model for a pixie cut. I did not know if they would accept my 'application' since my hair was already short, but they did. I received a complimentary haircut from Lauren at Samuel Cole Salon, and I couldn't be more pleased. The salon staff had received training on a different method of cutting hair for a pixie cut, then each stylist got to test it out on a model. The expert walked through and checked the progress, gave advice and tips, etc. She came up to me and ruffled my hair before it was cut and said "Wow! That is really thin and lightweight for all you've got. I expected it to feel differently." Yes, I have a very fine lions'-mane sort of hair. The cut was fantastic, and it was fun to be pampered at a fancier salon than I normally use. However, I love my regular stylist, and have already been back to her for haircut since this one. In addition to the cut, my 'usual' stylist colored and highlighted my hair before my friend Becca's wedding, and I got new glasses. It was like a whole new me:-)



Seriously, this is like a female Clark Kent. I LOVE these glasses. They are my first new pair in 3-4 years, and they were the first pair I tried on. The girl helping me picked them out after a brief conversation on what I wanted, and she was spot on. Because they are bigger than my last frames, I can see more too, which is nice:-) 

 I took these photos to show my hairstylist, so please forgive the lighting, my posture and my messy bathroom in the background!

Haircut: Samuel Cole Salon, Raleigh
Glasses: Eye Care Associates, Wakefield, frames by Kate Spade
Highlights and Color: Jessica at The Hair Vault, Youngsville
Messy bathroom: all my own!
Date taken: November 11, 2013

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jeni said...

Beautiful as always! :) I love the cut!