Friday, February 07, 2014

Finn Family Fun Day at the Fair 2013: Flying, Friends and Ferris Wheel

The forestry helicopter is super cool! All the big Finnlings loved pretending to pilot it.

Not long after we arrived at the state fair, we ran into our friends the Renstroms. Daniel is the worship pastor at FBCDurham and an elder with Nathan, and we love him and his wife Danielle. They have three girls close in age to our oldest Finnlings, so we had a delightful time walking around the fair with their family.

 Healthiest thing you will find at the fair: a sliced and peeled apple for just $1! 

 It is impossible to get six kids to look at the same place at the same time:

 Daddy/Mr. Nathan got the treat of taking the biggest Finnlings and Renstrom girls on the Ferris Wheel. They all loved it (though Nathan might ask for another volunteer for that duty next year:-)

 So thankful for the gorgeously clear day at the fair, and for this sweet friend that the Lord has put into my life and the life of our family!
Date taken: October 2013

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