Saturday, February 08, 2014

Tennessee Snow! February 8, 2014

When we moved to Jackson, we left NC early in the morning to avoid a winter storm front that was supposed to dump snow in Tennessee. It did not snow here in Jackson, but the temperatures were freezing (it was one degree our first morning here). Then two weeks after we moved, it snowed in Wake Forest. A week after that (last week), snow shut down Atlanta and Birmingham and dropped a couple of inches at our house in Wake Forest. In Jackson, though we have had the coldest temperatures we have seen in a long time (and the coldest our kids have ever seen), we have had no snow accumulation.

So, when the kids woke up this morning to find this dusting of snow, they were thrilled! The big Finnlings bundled up and played outside for a little while, throwing snowballs at Mommy and Daddy and each other, shaking trees to make it snow and loving every moment (for the most part). Once they were good and cold and whining :-), we came inside for hot cocoa and pajamas and movies. 

Thanks for the snow, Tennessee! We are now set for the winter and do not need any more.


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