Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Georgia's First Book Report

Georgia has truly taken off in her reading recently. I will admit, teaching her to read/her learning to read was a more difficult process than I had expected. (Given how much her parents love books I thought she might be born knowing how to read. I was delusional, I know.) Since the fall, she has soared in her reading skills, making leaps and bounds almost daily. I blinked and she went from reading out loud fairly well, but still having to read out loud, to reading silently to herself--and quickly at that!

In honor of her quickly finishing a real chapter book, I had her write a book report.  The novelty of it made it feel less like schoolwork. I gave her guidelines for the report itself:
Book title and author's name
Two or three sentences about the book
Complete the sentence: "My favorite part of the book is______________"

Short, simple, to the point, but hopefully building good skills in her from an early age. I had to guide her some with her sentence structure, but Georgia did very well writing the book report and was proud of the completed work. I am proud of her!

Georgia's Book Report:

Anna Hibiscus by ________*

This book is about Anna who wants to see snow. She gets to see snow.
My favorite part is she goes to see snow and sings a song.
(After I took a picture of this report, Georgia came back to it and wrote out the snow song that Anna sings)

*The book was nowhere to be found when G was first working on the report, so the author's name is blank. However, we found it later and she filled in the name: Atinuke. Anna Hibiscus is a delightful beginning chapter book about a girl who lives in Africa. The book is published by Usborne Books; I love Usborne books, and could go on and on about them, but that's another post! 

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