Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Prayers for Sonjita

Compassion International includes in their sponsorship packet a prayer for your sponsored child. These suggestions are wonderful ways to guide our family's prayers for Sonjita, and also help to shape my prayers for my own children.

  1. to accept Jesus as Savior and to grow in Christ
  2. to trust God for everything
  3. to do well in school
  4. for the Compassion center leaders
  5. for her family
  6. to resist negative peer pressure
  7. to practice good hygiene
  8. for good nutrition
  9. for strong friendships
  10. to develop a tender heart
  11. to learn God's word
  12. for protection from natural disasters
  13. to use good social skills
  14. for a bright future
  15. to develop her skills and talents
  16. to learn from the center programs
  17. to make wise decisions
  18. for safety in daily activities
  19. for freedom from fear
  20. for patience and perseverance
  21. to resist temptation
  22. to always tell the truth
  23. for the desire to follow God's will
  24. for good sibling relationships
  25. for physical health and strength
  26. to honor her parents
  27. for a spirit of hope and joy
  28. to grow closer to God in prayer
  29. for comfort in sadness
  30. for stability for her family
  31. for solid self-esteem
May these prayers be answered for this sweet little girl in Bangladesh, and may we be faithful to pray for her and care for her as the Lord leads us!

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