Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Usborne Books & More

Last summer, I discovered Usborne Books. I had seen their displays at a few events, had friends host parties (that I never attended), and heard about them through various avenues. However, I had never taken the time to really look at their books. Then a friend was having an online party around the time I was shopping for schoolbooks for the fall, and I started looking at her Usborne catalog. And I fell in love. These books are colorful, engaging, and informative. My kids LOVE them, and learn so much from the books. Many of the non-fiction books are internet-linked, so you can learn even more information from them. The storybooks are beautifully illustrated and tons of fun to read. Usborne has an endless supply of wonderful books for homeschooling! 

So, after I bought books from my friend's party last summer, I hosted my own party. Below are pictures of some of the books from that party (some are mine and some are friends'). See the variety of topics and colors and interests? It is rare to find a publishing company that covers so many topics so well! 

My kids love their Usborne books, both the 'reading ones' and the activity ones (sticker books, art books, paper airplane kits, and more). Around Christmas, I hosted another online party and basically scored the Finnlings' Christmas gifts through Usborne. Is anyone surprised that my kids got mostly books for Christmas?

Forgive my babbling on, I just wanted to introduce you to this fabulous resource for fun books for kids (and grownups--I have learned so much through these Usborne books!!). Some of our favorite Usborne books are the Look Inside my Body book, the "That's Not My ___" series, Anna Hibiscus (which was G's first book report), and the Discovery non-fiction series. Most of my supplemental homeschooling books have come from Usborne.

I am a happy customer. I am not being paid ANYTHING to rave on and on about Usborne. However, I do have an 'in-person' party planned for July, and I currently have an e-show that you can shop from the convenience of your own home here (click Shop, and then select my name from the list of hosts). I set up the e-show so I could do some shopping for my kids, but I'd love to share with you. Be sure to look at Customer Specials and Internet Specials. If you have any questions, my consultant Jess would love to help out (www.usbornegal.com).

Thanks for reading (pun intended).

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