Saturday, September 27, 2014

First Field Trip of 2014

This year, my friends and I decided to form a 'low involvement' homeschool co-op for our children.
Our goal: one field trip a month, one science/art project day a month
Very easy, very low key, very little prep work involved
It is an opportunity for interaction and 'educational exploration' for our children,
and hopefully some good conversations with the mommas:-)

This fall we are visiting the many free museums in Raleigh!

Our first field trip was to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

The whale skeletons are always impressive!

Three handsome boys just cheesin' for the camera

The Discovery Room at the museum is a wonderful place for children to experience hands- on learning! We could have spent much longer in that room:-)

Meet the animals is always a fun activity--
we saw a Madagascar hissing cockroach, 
a black milk snake, and a caiman (which is a small crocodilian)

Four families, twelve children--trying to fit everyone in was quite the task!

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