Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Second Birthday, Fuller!!

Our crazy fourth child, Andrew Fuller Finn, turned 2 years old on April 25.
It's amazing how fast these two years have gone.
Fuller is a delightful, wild, expressive, comedic, silly little boy.
His facial expressions are the best.
He loves to tickle, and be tickled.
He thinks his big brother and sisters are the greatest in the world.
He gives a mean fist bump.
He doesn't want food on his hands but loves to play in the dirt (see below)
He refuses to eat chicken but loves hummus.
He babbles all the times but says very few words.
He wobbles when he runs, but it never stops him.
He loves life, and we love him. Happy birthday, sweet boy!

Playing in potting soil

Eating pizza like a big boy (not cut up)
but pants are optional :-)

The two candles for his birthday!

Note: he didn't even want to try to blow out the candles!


And...he's done!

These kids love their little brother (though he isn't enjoying this picture:)

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