Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our week in pictures (week of April 13)

For fun, here are a few snapshots of our life last week:

Our friends from seminary days, Jason and Michele, now live in Wake Forest where Jason works as director of the library. This means we get to hang out a lot with their family. The Finnlings love Russell Fowler, and much silliness ensues when they are all together!

Sweet picture

Silly picture

Best buddies

I was cleaning out leaf debris and weeds under my azaleas--with my bare hands--when the leaves moved and this snake appeared.
I kept from screaming, and even managed to pick it up with a stick to try to move it.
But... it flipped off the stick and slithered back into my azaleas.
So it's still alive, and I'm probably not touching those bushes again for a long long time.

We studied the Diaspora of the Jews in history last week, and the kids had a coloring sheet of Herod's Temple. G used bright, rich colors for her sheet.
B asked if he could color fire and smoke on it. After all, it DID burn.
Also, apparently it was attacked by knights with bows and arrows, swords, and catapults.
Revisionist history

We are working on writing coherent paragraphs. G knows what she wants to be, though she didn't ask how to spell that particular job:-)

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