Saturday, January 16, 2016

Challenge: Do One "Un-do-able" Thing

Life of a mom, of a parent, seems often like a life on repeat.

For instance, today, I loaded and ran the dishwasher. Unloaded. Reloaded, and now it's ready to run again. Nathan and I folded a couple of loads of laundry, yet there are still more clothes sitting in my dryer, waiting to be folded. And even more in our dirty clothes hampers. Let's not even talk about getting them put away. And bathing the kids. Didn't I just do that? Oh wait, probably not, 
because I am notorious for how infrequently my kids get baths or showers.

Anyway, our lives are often filled with habits, chores, work that we repeat over and over again. We pick up toys only to have them strewn all over the floor again two minutes later. We make our bed only to have our kids pile on it. We wash our car, only to drive through mud puddles. Etc. etc. It can make our day to day life feel boring or worse--like we aren't making traction or getting anywhere.

I came across this article about the one thing that keeps this blogger sane, and I found it encouraging and inspiring. She goes into greater and better detail than I can, but her encouragement is to do
one thing a day that cannot be un-done. Something that will not be changed or made obsolete by eating or changing clothes or children waking from naps.

Since reading that post, I have been brainstorming about tasks that cannot be undone. Here is my beginning list, and I would love to hear your suggestions! (In my mind, it is okay if they are tasks you will repeat. They just cannot be things that can be un-done, i.e., making lunch for your family, which is gone as soon as they eat it:-)

Read a chapter in a book (there is always more to read, yes, but it cannot be un-done)

Create something (sew, knit, cross-stitch, bake a special goody)

Color in a coloring book

Write a card to a friend

Call your mother or grandmother or best friend

Plant a garden

Drink a cup of hot tea

Take a walk around the neighborhood

Weed out old clothes or shoes

Have coffee with a friend

Write a blogpost :-)

Read your Bible and meditate on it

Snap a picture of your kids, your dog, your house, yourself

What little things have you done today that can never be undone? How are you investing your time?

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