Saturday, January 23, 2016

Favorites/ Highlights of 2015

Just for fun, I thought I would post a few of my favorite discoveries of 2015. 


Seasalt -- Sherwin-Williams paint color
This is my favorite color of the year, as evidenced by the fact that my entire house (minus the kitchen) is painted this color. Fair warning: it probably won't show up gray on your wall, but more green-blue-gray. I love it:-)


Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors -- They aren't a new band, but I have fallen in love with them this year. Their folksy Americana sound (please, do not mock me, as I am not a music critic) has been the sound track of my year. My husband gave me a perfect Christmas gift by enrolling me in Drew Holcomb's Magnolia Record Club (see: record player below)

Psalm 23 by Shane & Shane -- I first heard this song at the SBC, and it quickly became "my song", which sounds like I am in junior high. It can be found on Shane & Shane's new release, Psalms 2. Listen to it. It's lovely.


I read over thirty books last year (list coming soon!), but my favorite was All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It is a captivating novel set at the end of WW2. It looks like a dense book, but the chapters are short, so it is completely manageable. 

Television and movies:

The Flash-- Nathan and I started to watch this show in December. It's a good-heartened, fun, enjoyable superhero show. It is not dark like many other shows, the lead is winsome and engaging (and can sing and dance!), the cast is diverse, and did I mention Jesse L Martin? We love it.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens -- it was all we had hoped for, and definitely worth seeing in the movie theater! It is, above all, a lot of fun, and a good continuation of the original series.

The Martian -- we saw this movie on a whim and found it delightful.  It holds your attention from the beginning, is genuinely funny, and has a happy end (spoiler!)


Hot tea -- Nathan developed chronic heart burn this fall, and one of the homeopathic remedies he uses is a glass of hot tea every night with a drop of peppermint oil. It has become our evening tradition to put the kids down and promptly brew the tea. We like a variety of tea flavors and types, and look forward to trying more in 2016!

FAITH Tutorial -- This homeschool tutorial offered here in Jackson has been such a blessing to our family. It allows G and B two mornings a week to sit under someone else's teaching. It gives me a structure and lesson plans to follow. It helps Georgia drill her math by reinforcing it with someone else's teaching style. We love the friendships we have been forming through this tutorial as well!

Record player -- Nathan gave me a record player for my birthday. I love it so very much, and am completely hooked on vinyl! I grew up listening to records, and even logged many hours listening to recordings of classical music in college, so it feels like coming home. 

What were some of your favorites from 2015?

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