Friday, February 05, 2016

January notes

*The Finnlings' new favorite snack (and honestly, Nathan and I like it too) is this  fruit tape from Annie's brand. It's better than any Fruit Roll Up you've had, I promise. My grocery store doesn't carry it (Kroger), but my not-a-super-Target has it in their snack food aisle. Yum.

*The Farmer Restaurant in Memphis is quite possibly the most amazing food I have had since we moved to West TN. We spent part of a day in Memphis on the weekend of our anniversary--it involved shopping at Teavana, Whole Foods, and Anthropologie, and having dinner at this delicious restaurant. It will NOT be our last time there, and it honestly served for inspiration for our spring getaway trip to Memphis (more on that later, maybe:-).

*Sometimes, as a grownup, as a parent, when you do not have your children with you, it is fun to simply walk around a grocery store together. Hence, our visit to Whole Foods mentioned above. Yes, it is also where we spend our "whole paycheck", but still. I have rarely been disappointed by a visit there, or by something I purchased there.

*I have never owned a long cardigan, mostly because I have never seen one that I liked. I am not at all up to date on fashion, so they may not be in style that much anymore, but I found one that I love and I am wondering why it took me so long! It looks great over a variety of things, and the one I bought is super soft and comfy too. Go get yourself a long cardigan.

*Alan Rickman's death was so terribly sad.  I loved him first as Colonel Brandon, I will be honest, but his portrayal of Severus Snape through eight Harry Potter movies was brilliant. 

*We joined a wonderful church here in Jackson in late December (First Baptist Jackson TN ), and in January the kids started attending Awanas. We have never been involved in a church with Awanas before, so I must say it is a bit daunting for the parents! However, the Finnlings ADORE it. They have so much fun, they look forward to it weekly, and they count their Awanas bucks almost daily. I'm grateful for a ministry that seeks to pour biblical truth into my kids' hearts.

*Last tidbit: if you are desperate to watch a television show that you can't pick up with your antenna, purchasing it through Amazon Prime Video is cheaper than iTunes. Ask me how I know (Team Flash!).


erin said...

I still find Awana daunting after Charlotte's been in it for 3 years! (Pretty sure many Wednesday evening meals find me trying to shove the memory verse in Charlotte's mind before.) :)

I didn't even know there was an Anthropologie in Memphis. Shows how with it I am. (I grew up there!)

Is your cardigan from Target? I bought 2 from there that I love!

Leah F said...

I really wish that all of my kids were learning the same verses, because that's where I get lost! We do a lot of Wednesday cramming.

Anthropologie is in the Saddle Creek development on Farmington in East Memphis/Germantown area, I think (I'm not sure about the distinctions:-) cardigan is an Anthro splurge. I may have to buy a couple more from Target at much more affordable price point:-)