Thursday, July 01, 2010


It has been a REALLY LONG TIME since I last posted. I am sure that my regular faithful readers are no longer my regular, faithful readers! I know that I am greatly disappointing my extended family as well by not posting pictures ;-) Please forgive this long time between posts, and bear with me a little while longer as I attempt to catch up. Life has been really busy for us...that is always the excuse, but it really has! My mom came up to visit for 10 days late May-early June, we attended the Southern Baptist Convention mid-June, then came home for a long weekend and turned around to head down to Naples Fl for a 9 day vacation/family visit. We just returned to Wake Forest yesterday, and are going to be 'recuperating' for a little while longer. I have about two months (or more) of pictures to put up, so please check back soon. I will do my best! Thanks for reading this blog, following our lives, and caring about what happens to us. We love you!

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jeni said...

Ah you ARE still alive! :) I'm glad you've had a wonderful few weeks of time with Nathan, the kids, and family.