Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Days of Thanksgiving--Nov. 8

See, I told you that I probably wouldn't be able to post something every day! The weekend just got away from me, and though I definitely have more than 30 days of things to be thankful for, I did not take time to blog this weekend. :-)

Today, I am thankful that I share my birthday with my eldest child, Georgia. Nathan and I had tried to get pregnant with Georgia for over a year, so when I learned that I was pregnant, we were very excited. When we determined that her due date was mid-October, I joked that she might arrive on my birthday (Oct. 21). And when her due date came and went, my 'joking' continued, as I said she was waiting for my birthday to arrive. I went into labor on Friday, October 20, but she waited until the wee hours of the morning on the 21st to arrive. Happy birthday to me! Do you know how you have certain 'things' in your mind that you want to happen, often things that are beyond your control, but you still want them? In my mind, I wanted to have my first child before my 28th birthday. I don't know why I had that particular age in my mind, but I did. And the Lord in his perfect timing sent my first child on my 28th birthday. Of course, on the years when I might want my birthday overlooked (say, Georgia's 12th), everyone will know it is my birthday :-) That is fine, though, because Georgia and I share a special day, an extra bond on top of the wonderful mother-daughter bond that the Lord gives us. We have a yearly tradition of going to the tea room for our birthday, and I pray that we will continue to celebrate our birthday together as much as we can. It is my prayer that as Georgia grows older, our relationship will grow closer and stronger, and that there will not be a time (or at least not a long period of time) that she does not want to share HER birthday with me. She is truly the best birthday present ever!

Photo taken on Georgia's 5th and my 33rd birthday, October 21, 2011. (I will post more pics of the birthday soon)

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