Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Days of Thanksgiving--Nov. 9

Today I am thankful for modern conveniences.

I am thankful for my cell phone with texting that allows me to send a quick message to my husband in the middle of a busy day.

I am thankful for my coffee pot that can quickly crank out some hot, delicious, much needed caffeine for this sleepy momma (though I will confess I love a French press, sometimes drip is the best way to go).

I am thankful for Netflix Instant Play that allows me to stream children's movies and shows for my kids when they are fighting colds and coughs and need to rest (G has been sick this week).

I am thankful for Harris Teeter Express Lane shopping, which allowed me to grocery shop from my home and send my husband to pick them up yesterday, so I didn't have to take my coughing child through the grocery store.

I am grateful for hot water and central heating and dishwashers and washing machines and dryers. I am glad that someone invented the hair dryer and the curling iron and the flatiron.

There are many more things I could list, but I will stop there :-) Must go grab another cup of coffee!

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