Sunday, January 26, 2014

Becoming the Boyds

Several years ago, the Lord sent me a friend named Becca. She started out as our babysitter, but she quickly moved to be a close, sweet friend. She stopped babysitting our kids as much because we were hanging out more (but she is a fabulous babysitter, and my kids adore her!). Nathan and I have had the privilege to watch her grow in her faith and walk with the Lord, in her zeal for the lost and the nations, and in her knowledge of God's word. We also have had the pain of walking with her through a couple of failed relationships, and we will admit openly that we encouraged the end of at least one of those relationships. Those were hard, emotional, dark times, but the Lord gives light and grace.

Into Becca's life the Lord brought David. David sought after Becca, pursuing her in a gentlemanly manner from the very beginning, asking deep questions and inspiring long talks. David matched Becca in his zeal for the lost and the nations as none of her other boyfriends had. We, the Finns, gave our stamp of approval, not that they needed it ;-) Becca graciously tolerated my repeated question "Do you think you are going to marry him?" and followups "If you don't know, why not? Should you be together?" (Note: I did not dislike David at all! I am just a firm believer that you do not date without a purpose, and so I was trying to encourage that "purpose"--either decide you want to marry, even if you don't get engaged, or break it off because that is unfair to both parties. But I digress.)

Last spring, David proposed to Becca. At last! Glory! Becca and David honored our family by asking us to be involved in their wedding, me as a bridesmaid, and the biggest Finnlings as flower girls and ring bearer. Georgia and Baxter carried a sign that said "Mr. David, Here Comes Your Bride", and Eleanor just pranced down the aisle. They were adorable. 

It was a busy, delightful, fun filled weekend. I could go on and on about the weekend, like 
the rehearsal -- held in the freezing cold by the light of cell phones, OR
the rehearsal dinner which had delicious food and a side dish of asparagus that I actually ate (I don't like asparagus) OR
the bridal luncheon which was served to us by Becca's aunts (so sweet and delicious!) OR
the prep time at Becca's house as we all crowded around different mirrors, drinking Jubala coffee and eating biscuits and laughing--while my youngest child slept in another room because he refuses to take a bottle! OR
getting dressed for the wedding in a room with hunting pictures and a rifle OR
the GORGEOUS sunny day of the wedding--so bright that many guests held their programs over their eyes OR
the mason jars that gave us our seat assignments OR
the way my girls would have danced all night on the dance floor, whether they knew the moves or not

Here are a few pictures of the fun event. To God be the Glory.

 Brief credit: my daughters' stunning dresses were made by Mimi Bowen. Check out her work at Vibrant Designs by Mimi.

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