Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The joys of Cookout

In early August we had lunch after church on Sunday and conversation turned to milkshakes (I don't know why). We then learned that our friends had never had Cookout. 

So we parted ways for an afternoon nap then met back up later for milkshakes. We drove down to Raleigh to get the shakes and then relished the lovely weather outside at Lafayette Village where the kids played after enjoying their own milkshakes. 

Though they are playing it cool, these cuties really like each other a lot.

Finnling #3 loved running around the lawn, and she was pretty precious in her little tutu outfit.

She could be a model for Cookout shakes.
E makes me want to buy her lots of them...
but I know about the sugar crash that follows

It was fun to introduce Libby and her husband Josh to the joys of Cookout!

Date taken: August 3, 2014

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